Regular yoga classes strengthen your entire body, release tight muscles and joints, and calm your nervous system.


Is it tough to stand upright when you get off the bike after a ride? 

Does your lower back, shoulders, and/or neck hurt after a run? 

Do you feel locked up when you get out of bed in the morning? 

As cyclists and runners, we are always on the move. 

But in order to get stronger and faster, we need to slow down.

Yoga for cyclists and runners can help.

Regular yoga classes can strengthen your entire body, release tight muscles and joints,  and calm your nervous system.

Yoga Practice Can Help Improve Breath Control, Strength, and Core Stability

For me, yoga has three main benefits:

  • calming the central nervous system and learn more breath control through practice with breathing
  • strengthening muscles, particularly in the core, with isometric holds in poses like Warrior 2
  • increasing joint and muscle mobility to allow for greater capacity for movement, regardless of age.

Yoga for cyclists and runners can strengthen your entire body, release tight muscles and joints,  and calm your nervous system.

Simple Training Yoga for Cyclists and Runners

All yoga classes require pre-registration here.

– Recovery Yoga. Monday at 7 pm. This class is for runners and cyclists after a long weekend of training and/or racing.

– Slow Yoga Flow. Wednesdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 9 am, we do a class that focuses on breath work, building strength through holding poses a little longer than usual, and joint movement. This is yoga for mobility.

– On Fridays at 5:30, we do a Yin Yoga “End-of-the-Week” class that lasts about 30 minutes. We focus on breathing as we move slowly to release tension.

Local Milwaukee-Area Yoga Classes

I currently teach yoga at the 

  • WAC-Greenfield (Mondays at 11-11:55 am)
  • Greenfield Parks and Rec (Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9 am).
  • I’ll be teaching at the Gazebo in Greendale this summer. Look for announcements!

Online Yoga Strength Courses

I created a course primarily for cyclists and runners to develop core strength and the mobility to move better during biking and running.

Yoga for cyclists and runners works on mobility as well as core stability.

Here’s what one cyclist said about the Yoga for Endurance Athletes course: 

With a focus on hips, glutes, and reducing hunched posture, this course is a great way for cyclists to make sure they are getting the most out of their on and off-bike days. Paul is a knowledgeable guide as he highlights poses and flows that are beneficial for cyclists but also places an appropriate emphasis on the breath – something we all need more of.

(Steve, 55)

Everyone Can Do Yoga for Cyclists and Runners

Yoga is not about how pretty you look in the pose.

Your yoga is how you are best able to get into a pose space on that day.

The triangle pose you do today will not be the same as a triangle pose in three weeks.

During class, I’ll describe what the goal of the pose is, and I’ll provide modifications and use of blocks.

And then, we’ll do our best to get close to the pose.

Doubting you can do yoga?

I taught middle school kids for 23 years; I can teach you how to do yoga!

Still Curious About How Yoga for Cyclists and Runners Can Help? 

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