Awkward Yoga Strength and Stability For Endurance Athletes Course

For everyday endurance athletes like cyclists and runners, Awkward Yoga could be exactly what you need to build durability, strength, and joint mobility to improve performance.

You don’t need to be flexible, graceful, or be able to touch your toes to get the benefits of yoga

I became a yoga instructor in my late 50s when I didn’t see many instructors who were older men and who couldn’t do handstands or a Full Lotus pose.

And since the biggest reason cyclists and runners get hurt is through overuse and imbalance injuries, yoga, especially the way we do it in Awkward Yoga, helps prevent injury by strengthening your whole body and building durability so you can train more.

You also don't need to spend a fortune on your yoga classes. This course is just $27 My goal is to help as many awkward people move better as possible!

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Beginning Yoga Classes

Awkward Yoga for cyclists and runners

Yoga for cyclists and runners has three main benefits:

  • Calming the central nervous system and learning more breath control through practice with breathing.
  • Strengthening muscles, particularly in the core, with isometric holds in poses like Warrior 2.
  • Increasing joint and muscle mobility to allow for greater capacity for movement, regardless of age.

Yoga Practice To Help Improve Breath Control, Strength, and Core Stability

What is "Awkward" Yoga?

I call my yoga "awkward" because I don't move very well! My classes focus on movement, strength, and breath for every day athletes.

You'll never mistake me for a former dancer or gymnast, just an older guy who needs yoga to keep moving!


How to Work With Me

I offer several options to help cyclists and runners improve their strength, mobility, and breath control.

  • Yoga Strength for Cyclists and Runners Course
  • Online consults
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I took the Yoga for Cyclists and Runners course. With a focus on hips, and glutes, and reducing hunched posture, this course is a great way for cyclists to make sure they are getting the most out of their on and off-bike days. Paul is a knowledgeable guide as he highlights poses and flows that are beneficial for cyclists but also places an appropriate emphasis on the breath – something we all need more of.

- Steve, 55 yr old cyclist

"I've tried yoga in the past, but was always intimidated by the instructors and ended up dropping out fairly quickly.  Your class was different. I am happy to report I'm stronger, more flexible and better at balancing.  You inspired me to keep trying."

- Paula

Anyone Can Benefit from an Approachable Yoga Practice

It's About Feeling Alive

Yoga for cyclists and runners is not about how pretty you look in the pose.

Your yoga is how you are best able to get into a pose space on that day.

The triangle pose you do today will not be the same as a triangle pose in three weeks.

During class, I’ll describe the goal of the pose, and I’ll provide modifications and the use of blocks.

And then, we’ll do our best to get close to the goals of the pose.

Start Yoga Today

I offer several options to help cyclists and runners improve their strength, mobility, and breath control.

  • Yoga Strength for Cyclists and Runners Course
  • Online and in-person consultations
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