What if you could combine the power of an adaptive AI training plan with the proven guidance of an experienced coach?

With personalized coaching from Simple Endurance Coaching and Athletica’s AI-driven insights providing clear feedback and automatic program adjustment, you'll know you're on the right path.

You'll have access to a dedicated coach who will help motivate you and fine-tune your AI-optimized training program so you'll be more likely to reach your goals.

You'll get the best of both worlds.

When you sign up for TR, Systm (Sufferfest), or try out a Garmin or Zwift program, you’re on your own.

While these can be good programs, there’s no one to keep you accountable, motivate you, answer questions, or adjust your workouts if you’re sick or injured.

While AI can help with some of these things by automatically adjusting your program, what if you could get a coach AND AI?

What if you could train smarter with AI while still having the personalized approach of a coach who can be a motivator, educator, and guide?


Simple Endurance Coaching has teamed up with Athletica.ai to provide personalized training programs. Athletica provides the scientifically-based training program while we at Simple Endurance Coaching provide the personalized touch of a coach.

Athletica was formed by Dr. Paul Laursen, who literally wrote the textbook about HIIT training. Dr. Laursen is a highly respected sports scientist who saw the need for an AI-driven online training program that could respond to the needs of cyclists, runners, swimmers, and triathletes to “train smarter, not harder.”

While other platforms are now using AI to guide user's workouts, none have the scientific background or reputation in the physiology research community as Dr. Laursen.

In Athletica, Dr. Laursen merged his expertise in the fields of exercise science, athlete training, and fitness technology to deliver the most advanced AI workout plans and intelligent training plan, individually tailored for each athlete. This means you get the best in adaptive training programs.

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Athletica provides periodized expert plans up for events to 7 months in the future

Automated training zone calculation

Moveable sessions in accordance with your schedule

Individualized training catered to your ability

Multiple training session options with Workout Wizard

Daily dynamic training load adjustments

Automatic workout adjustments based on past performance

Coaching Services Athletica Plus $79/mo Athletica Coach $135/mo* Full-Custom Coaching $205/mo*
Individualized coaching and periodization for target races/ events x x x
Monthly strength training and yoga programs x x x
Athletica or Training Peaks account included x x x
Weekly free online yoga recovery sessions x x x
Regular phone calls/ online meetings/ text/ email to discuss training plans x x
Anytime updates to and rearranging of training plans due to individual schedules x x
Race/Event planning and strategy** x x
Mental skills and preparation coaching** x x
Recovery education and coaching** x x
Nutrition coaching** x x
Goal setting and progress tracking** x x
Post-race analysis** x x
Analysis of training progress through Athletica.ai or WKO5.** x x
Free eight-week trial of Athletica x x
Monthly one-hour included conversation x

* Discounts available for students

** Available to Athletica Plus athletes during one-hour monthly meetings or during an additional $60/hour consultation.

Simple Endurance Coaching supports everyday endurance athletes with holistic, personalized coaching to accomplish their adventure and bucket list goals.

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