Rise to the challenge!

Possibilities are the path, not the finish line.

Simple Endurance Coaching delivers the structure, guidance, motivation, and accountability so you can do the hard things that are now your dreams and aspirations.

Simple Endurance Coaching supports everyday endurance athletes so they enjoy reaching their adventure and endurance sports goals through

  • research-based endurance training,
  • strength training,
  • goal-setting,
  • nutritional work,
  • yoga mobility work
  • and most importantly, full belief in your capacity to achieve your goals. 


We are "Simple" because we keep the training prescriptions and workouts simple: Go slow lots, go fast some, lift heavy things, do yoga, and eat healthy foods. 


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Junior Lyllie Sonnemann had a breakout year, finishing fifth at cyclocross nationals and traveling to Europe to race with USA Cycling and the CXHairs Devo Team. She was also top 15 at mountain bike nationals.

What are your adventure and bucket list goals?

You Can Do More Than You Think

My athletes have challenged themselves to all sorts of adventures, including:

  • Cyclocross, road, track, gravel, and mountain bike races
  • Marathons, half-marathons, 10ks, 5ks
  • Trail runs in a variety of distances
  • Long-distance rides like the Ride Across Wisconsin and RAGBRAI
  • Long-distance, point-to-point mountain bike races
  • Ironmans, Half-Ironmans, and other triathlons

What's your next challenge?

Personalized Coaching That works for you

Simple Endurance Coaching: 

  • has a long track record of helping people find their best performances
  • supports clients in finding and reaching their potential
  • supports clients in accomplishing their goals with better-than-expected performances
  • combines endurance training, strength training, yoga, motivation, and nutritional advice
  • offers personalized coaching that brings success

How can I support you?

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Jeff Godbout rode 235 miles in one day to complete his first Ride Across Wisconsin. It was his first attempt at a long endurance ride. 
Coaching Services Athletica Plus $79/mo Athletica Coach $135/mo* Full-Custom Coaching $205/mo*
Individualized coaching and periodization for target races/ events x x x
Monthly strength training and yoga programs x x x
Athletica or Training Peaks account included x x x
Weekly free online yoga recovery sessions x x x
Regular phone calls/ online meetings/ text/ email to discuss training plans x x
Anytime updates to and rearranging of training plans due to individual schedules x x
Race/Event planning and strategy** x x
Mental skills and preparation coaching** x x
Recovery education and coaching** x x
Nutrition coaching** x x
Goal setting and progress tracking** x x
Post-race analysis** x x
Analysis of training progress through Athletica.ai or WKO5.** x x
Free eight-week trial of Athletica x x
Monthly one-hour included conversation x

* Discounts available for students

** Available to Athletica Plus athletes during one-hour monthly meetings or during an additional $60/hour consultation.


My coach, Paul, saw something in me that I didn’t see. He insisted that I do hard things with weights. I got stronger, but more importantly I developed confidence.

I’ve done hard things all of my life – as we all have – but never thought I could do hard athletic things. Coach Paul taught me that I can.

Today I was going to try to swim 1000 yards without taking a rest. As I approached 750 yards I was wanting to quit. But it occurred to me that I can do hard athletic things. Not only did I get my 1000 yards done, but I did it at a pace I’ll need to have when I do my first 70.3 next June. This was my longest, fastest swim since my surgery. Thank you, Paul!

- Eileen W.

Thanks for being a great coach!

I recorded some significant power numbers yesterday on my ride with a racing buddy from the 1980s.

That flat roads force you keep pedaling at a steady state. We were just riding side by side, catching up on roads we trained on together. I was surprised to see all the power records come through on Garmin, even though my HR was mostly below threshold. Most significant:

My FTP before we started working together was 226. Yesterday, it was 276! Highest it's ever been, and we haven't even started to work on my cyclocross speed! Thanks for being awesome! 

- Tom N. 

I met Paul several years ago when he led a cyclocross clinic that I attended. His passion for teaching/coaching athletes was evident even then.

After he started his coaching/personal training business in 2019, I threw my hat in the ring to be part of his “adventure crew” in 2021 and was ecstatic to be chosen! Paul shifted our focus to handle what I could while working to build my aerobic base from basically nothing leading into the offseason.

I have been well supported and well guided in the process of starting to regain my cycling fitness, learning a lot from Paul about things like Heart Rate Variability to help me train/recover more effectively. I highly recommend Paul as a coach/guide!

- Kevin T

I would recommend you to any person for your services and expertise.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with you, such a great guy!  You honestly have a lifelong referral source with me.  If you ever have someone on the edge of pulling the trigger on work with you, have them give me a call.  I'll push them over the edge for you!

Jeff G.

Don't Wait... Spots Are Limited

Ready to reach your adventure goals and train smarter? Let's get together for a Virtual Coffee! We have a limited number of endurance coaching spots available.

In this free 30-minute online session or phone call, we'll discuss your goals and what you want to achieve together.


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Liz Rodman completed her first long triathlons, doing an Olympic distance in Pleasant Prairie, and a half-Ironman at Lake Country. Her Pleasant Prairie race qualified her for nationals. 

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Simple Endurance Coaching supports everyday endurance athletes with holistic, personalized coaching to accomplish their adventure and bucket list goals.

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