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Personalized endurance coaching for everyday athletes

We support everyday athletes in the Midwest, around the country, and around the world by empowering them to achieve extraordinary fitness and performance.

Unleash the everyday athlete in you with individualized support that includes endurance training, strength training, yoga, nutritional advice, and a whole lot of motivation.

We use decades of experience, truckloads of knowledge and understanding, and constant learning to help our clients do hard things!


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About Paul Warloski

More Than Just A coach

I'm your go-to guy for endurance and mobility! No matter where you are in your journey, I'm always here to support you with a smile and a positive attitude.

As a former middle school teacher and lifelong adventurer, my mission is to inspire you to reach your full potential and crush your fitness goals.

So, whether you're an everyday athlete just starting out or looking to level up, I'm ready and excited to help you achieve extraordinary success - however you define it.

Customized Monthly coaching plans

Each full-custom or semi-custom endurance coaching package is individualized for you given your busy life with family and work challenges.

And with each month, we learn what works specifically for you and reach new levels of success. I can guide you to become stronger, more durable, and ready to tackle your bucket list adventures.

We work particularly with cyclocross training, gravel racing, cycling endurance training, bicycle training over 50, trail running, triathlon, and swimming.

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Yoga, Strength, and Cycliing

Strength Training and online courses

I always include strength training and yoga as part of my coaching because they get you strong and mobile to tackle your adventures. 

I'm a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer as well as a cycling and running coach.

I bring my training and experience together to support my everyday athletes. I meet you where you are today and help you get fit for tomorrow. 

No matter if you've been running or cycling for years or if you're just starting out, endurance training is for every body.


What will you check off from your bucket list?

Ways to work with me


My coach, Paul, saw something in me that I didn’t see. He insisted that I do hard things with weights. I got stronger, but more importantly I developed confidence.

I’ve done hard things all of my life – as we all have – but never thought I could do hard athletic things. Coach Paul taught me that I can.

Today I was going to try to swim 1000 yards without taking a rest. As I approached 750 yards I was wanting to quit. But it occurred to me that I can do hard athletic things. Not only did I get my 1000 yards done, but I did it at a pace I’ll need to have when I do my first 70.3 next June. This was my longest, fastest swim since my surgery. Thank you, Paul!

- Eileen W.

Thanks for being a great coach!

I recorded some significant power numbers yesterday on my ride with a racing buddy from the 1980s. That flat roads force you keep pedaling at a steady state. We were just riding side by side, catching up on roads we trained on together. I was surprised to see all the power records come through on Garmin, even though my HR was mostly below threshold. Most significant: My FTP before we started working together was 226. Yesterday, it was 276! Highest it's ever been, and we haven't even started to work on my cyclocross speed! Thanks for being awesome! 

- Tom N. 

I met Paul several years ago when he led a cyclocross clinic that I attended. His passion for teaching/coaching athletes was evident even then.

After he started his coaching/personal training business in 2019, I threw my hat in the ring to be part of his “adventure crew” in 2021 and was ecstatic to be chosen! Paul shifted our focus to handle what I could while working to build my aerobic base from basically nothing leading into the offseason.

I have been well supported and well guided in the process of starting to regain my cycling fitness, learning a lot from Paul about things like Heart Rate Variability to help me train/recover more effectively. I highly recommend Paul as a coach/guide!

- Kevin T

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Plus you can work with me on cyclocross training, bicycle training programs for over 50 year olds, and cycling endurance training. Work with Coach Nicole on trail running, swimming (indoor and open water), and triathlon.

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Offering personalized coaching programs, yoga, and strength training for everyday athletes.

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