Training plans, support, and motivation to everyday athletes who want to find new adventures and train to accomplish them


If you are a runner, cyclist, triathlete, or cross-country skier with a goal, you are an everyday athlete.

And as endurance athletes, we all need to improve the same things: 

  • increase endurance capacity
  • increase joint and muscle strength to improve performance and prevent injury
  • improve mobility in all movement directions for better health

Simple Endurance Coaching: For Everyday Endurance Athletes

With Simple Endurance Coaching, I offer training plans, support, and motivation to everyday endurance athletes who want to find new adventures and train to accomplish them.

My coaching is equal parts cheerleader, trainer, teacher, comedian, and guide.

The people I support simply want to improve on yesterday: get faster, get stronger, lose some weight, be a different version of themselves.

Coaching For Cyclists

I coach riders who want to do centuries, bike pack, race cyclocross, race on the road, or do bucket list rides like the Stelvio climb.

And I’ll support you at every step in your journey as a cyclist.

I’ve been riding bikes for fun, recreation, competition, and mental health for over four decades. 

Along the way, I’ve tried all the new training techniques, nutrition, supplements, read as much as I could and asked as many questions of smart people as I could. 

And I coaxed as much success out of my body as I could with serious asthma and limited sports potential. 

Along the way, I learned a lot.

And that is exactly what I bring you as a cycling coach.

Coaching For Runners

You want to do a 10k with a friend or in a charity event.

Or maybe you want to break 30 minutes in a 5k race.

Or maybe improve your half-marathon or sprint triathlon times.

You need a coach who understands your goals, your needs, and your past, someone who will push at the right times, and understand why you need to back off at others.

I’ve been running for decades and understand the need for exercise, to improve, and to hit my goal times.

I support runners who want to increase distance, improve their times, or do some challenging event.

Coaching For Triathletes

I help you do your first or fiftieth triathlon. 

If you want to try your first Sprint or improve your half-Ironman time, we’ll build a program that meets your needs.

Training for a triathlon, regardless of the distance, is a challenge. 

You have to juggle the demands of training for running, cycling, and swimming. 

Plus you need to continue to strength train and do yoga to build mobility and stability in your body. 

Training Plans For Cyclists and Runners

If you’re not ready for a custom or semi-custom coaching plan, you can purchase monthly or event training plans that I build for you.

Training plans for cyclists and runners are designed as a road map for success in your target event. 

We can create targeted plans for your event or you can purchase pre-made plans.

Training plans are a good way to get you started since some structure and consistency are better than none. 

What Makes Simple Endurance Coaching Different From Other Coaches?

First, I have a broad and unique collection of personal experiences,  knowledge, and research from decades of endurance sports, including cycling, running, cross-country skiing, even rowing.

These years of learning and experience help me understand what you will need to achieve your goals.

Second, I use a unique holistic approach to getting you faster and building more endurance. We blend run training together with strength training, yoga, and mental toughness work.

And as a retired middle school teacher, I’m going to make your learning fun, interesting, and fruitful. 

I take all of my experience, education, and research, and holistic approach to support you in your goals.

Training to Find Your Challenge

Our training philosophy is Simple. For any endurance sport, we blend five essential elements:

  • lots of long and slow training,
  • some training with fast, hard intervals, 
  • strength training
  • yoga,
  • rest and recovery

The art of coaching is to combine those in the most effective, efficient, and fun way possible. 

I Taught Middle School Kids for 23 Years; Of Course, I Can Help You!

If I can keep 25 middle school kids in a classroom entertained, we’ll be okay.

I keep things fun, moving along, and I build success in small steps so you see your progress. I’ve been racing bikes, running, and cross-country skiing for over 40 years.

I am a certified cycling coach, running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. I have a long history and experience of doing things right as well as learning from doing things wrong. 

That’s the kind of experience and practical knowledge you need to train right.

I know enough to know I don’t know everything.

We’ll have fun and laughs along the way. 

Still Curious About What You Can Achieve With Good Coaching? 

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