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Simple Endurance Coaching offers comprehensive support to cyclists and runners who want to find new adventures and train to accomplish […]

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Cycling and Running Coaching to Help You Find Your Challenge

Simple Endurance Sport Coaching That Focuses on Process Before Results

Why do you need a coach to help you with a cycling or running training plan?

Well, first, you don’t necessarily “need” a coach.

But having a coach that offers support, plans, and experience goes a long way to reaching your goals.

So why pay an older guy who was never a professional to help you meet your goals?

I’ve been racing bikes, running, and cross-country skiing for over 40 years.

What little natural talent I had was always hindered by pretty severe asthma. 

So I had to train harder and work more than most to coax even a little success out of this body. 

I offer my experience, my learning from failing, and my education to support you as you go for your goals. 

I am a certified cycling coach, running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

That’s the kind of experience and practical knowledge for anyone who struggles to train right.

Training to find your challenge through endurance and strength training and yoga to value the process before results helps you smash your limitations.
Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash

Comprehensive Training Plans for Simple Endurance Sports

Most online cycling and running training plans give you a program that tells you how much and when to ride or run.

We use a more “holistic” approach for simple endurance sports coaching.

We are more focused on the value of the process of training, on training to find your challenge.

Through a blend of cycling and/or running training, strength training, and yoga, we create customized programs to make you stronger, more mobile, and more confident regardless of your results.

Our goal is to help you use a cycling or running training plan as part of the challenge. We want you to tap into your own inner resources to become a better you.

We work with you whether you?re a beginner aiming to finish a 5k or a marathoner looking to break 3:20; doing the Trek 100 for the first time or a cyclocross race, or want to move up a wave at the Birkie or complete your first cross-country ski event.

For $185 a month, we create a comprehensive mix of an endurance training plan, strength training, movement through yoga, mental toughness training, and nutritional advice to meet your needs.

We use Training Peaks as our platform for all of our cycling or running training plans.

We discount pricing for six-month or one-year commitments. There’s always a guarantee that if our coaching relationship doesn’t work out, I’ll refund the remaining long-term money.

The program includes a one-hour initial meeting where we review goals, experience, and life demands. We can meet in-person, by phone, or online.

Cycling and running training plans are easy to find. Simple Endurance plans value the process before results to find out what really matters in you.

Highlights of Simple Endurance Coaching

  • $185 per month
  • Free use of Training Peaks software
  • Daily workouts on Training Peaks, including endurance training, strength training, and yoga
  • Free access to yoga and strength training for endurance athletes videos as part of training
  • Phone or online meetings at least once a month
  • Regular feedback on daily workouts
  • Detailed goal analysis and planning
  • Long-term event periodization and planning

Training to Find Your Challenge

Our training philosophy is Simple. We blend five essential elements:

Planning is the key to growth, improvement, and accomplishment from your endurance sports coaching.

We always work backwards from your event, gradually building your fitness, endurance, and speed so you feel confident and ready on the big day.

We target your goal event with cycling or running training plans with specificity that directly prepares you to do your best. 

You will focus on training to find your challenge and smash through your limitations.

So if you are riding the Trek 100, we?ll plan for a lot of longer distance rides. If you are running a 10k, we?ll do some long runs and some shorter runs at a higher speed to build your endurance and fitness.

We also add two to three days a week of strength training and yoga to our training program.

Training to find your challenge through endurance and strength training and yoga to value the process before results helps you smash your limitations.

Additional Services  for Runners, Cyclists, Cross-Country Skiers

For an additional negotiated price, we will also help you with: in-person race observation; basic bike fits; bike power testing; group clinics or instruction; group speaker; cyclocross pit support.

Contact Me for More Information

People choose coaches because they

  • have a long-term goal like a cyclocross season,
  • want to get stronger and faster and need expertise,
  • don’t want to think for themselves and just follow a program
  • have come to the end of what they know how to do
  • know their training isn’t working.

Let?s talk! I?m always good for a cup of coffee to discuss your ideas, your adventure plans, and your goals