What adventures are on your bucket list? Our coaching for cyclists and runners is a unique blend of endurance, strength, and yoga.

Simple Endurance Coaching


We all have our bucket lists of events we want to do. And we all have our target on goal times for our events. 

But how do we hit those marks and still have fun along the way?

My coaching is equal parts cheerleader, trainer, teacher, and guide.

Most of the people I support simply want to improve on yesterday.


As cyclists and runners, we are always on the move. But in order to get stronger and faster, we need to slow down.

Yoga through Simple Training can strengthen your entire body, release tight muscles and joints,  and calm your nervous system.

I teach four classes a week at Simple Training in Hales Corners.

We use strength training to help you get stronger hips and core, build mobility and balance, and develop confidence as you reshape your body.

You can find speed, endurance, and power on the bike and on the running trail through a year-long strength training. 

Lifting weights helps build strength not only for your sport but to move better through life. 

I provide individualized personal training for cyclists, runners, and others at Simple Training in Hales Corners.

What's Your Adventure?

What adventure is on your bucket list? 

  • Riding the Stelvio in Italy? (That’s one of mine!)
  • Running parts of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin?
  • Skiing the Birkie?

What Personal Records (PRs) and Personal Bests (PBs) do you want to break? 

  • 5k?
  • Century on the bike? 
  • Sprint Triathlon?

We are “normal” people, even if we’re reluctant to sometimes call ourselves athletes. 

For most of us, just finishing an adventure or challenging event is enough. 

Sometimes, we want to beat our previous best, but we aren’t crushed if we don’t. 

We are just people who want to run, ride, or ski ourselves into better health as well as push our personal limits a little. 

But do we just ride or run? When? What’s the best schedule?

A combination of endurance training, strength training, and yoga is shown to be the best way to improve performance.


Brent is Ready for the Ride Across Wisconsin

Brent Mazurek has been doing long bike rides most of his life. 

On Saturday, he is tackling his longest bike ride, the Ride Across Wisconsin: 225 miles from LaCrosse to Green Bay. 

Brent is an original member of the Simple Endurance Coaching Adventure team with the goal of completing RAW, doing some long-distance touring, and finishing the Horribly Hilly ride in August. 

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Let's celebrate the redesign and relaunching of the Simple Endurance Coaching website with a raffle for free training tools.  The raffle ends on August 6.  Our goal is to subscribe 1,000 new people to read our endurance training blog.  Join the discussion and learn...

Three Options for the Functional Threshold Tests No One Likes

Unless you do a blood lactate test, all of the testing options are just estimates and reasonable guesses.  Ramp tests from Zwift and Trainer Road seem to be fairly accurate options. There are other ways of either measuring changes in fitness or gauging your intervals...

Periodization For Your Target Event Can Lead to Your Best Results

Periodization for a target event is a training tool that can help you plan your training to be in peak condition to perform your best.

A Comprehensive Cyclocross Plan to Take You Right Into Nationals

Build into the season with cross practice, intervals, strength training, and endurance rides. During the season, focus on recovery, strength training, and yoga throughout the season.

Intermittent Fasting Might Help You With That Stubborn Belly Fat

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If You’re an Older Cyclist, There’s One Thing You’d Better Be Doing

Three Things to Know About Strength Training for Older Cyclists
1. Focus on dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, suspension straps.
2. Start light and easy if you are new to strength training.
3. Focus on a full-body workout, with an emphasis on joint movement.

After Hungry Bear 100 Adventure Bike Ride, I’m Hungry for Next Year

I finished the Hungry Bear 100, which starts in Cable, WI, is not quite 100 miles and is nearly entirely on gravel, and understood I didn’t need to try and race 100 miles on gravel again.

Simple Coaching Client Completes First Adventure of the Year

Eileen Whisler, an inaugural member of the Simple Endurance Coaching Adventure Team, finished her first adventure of the year on a hot, windy day at the Early Bird Triathlon in Whitewater, WI. Eileen reported that "the swim went well, for me. I swam the 1000 yards in...

Keep Your Training Simple - and Fun

I’m Paul Warloski, and I help cyclists, runners, and other endurance athletes improve their fitness, health, and performance. 

Our work together will always focus on the process before results, keeping our training Simple – and fun. 

I create plans that combine endurance training, strength work, and yoga to help you reach your bucket list and PR goals. 

Our plans and programs will always

  • Include lots of fun and laughter;
  • Rely on years of endurance sport, strength training, and yoga experience; 
  • Utilize a depth of knowledge from years of reading and research; 
  • Learning from missteps and mistakes by “failing forward” ;
  • Individualize your training program to meet your goals and fit in your time constraints.

My qualifications: 

  • Middle school teacher for 23 years;
  • NCCA Personal Training certification;
  • Advanced Nutrition certification;
  • USA Cycling coaching certification;
  • RRCA running coach certification
  • 200-hour RYT Yoga Teacher Certification.

What Do You Need for Your Adventure?

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