What adventures are on your bucket list? Our coaching for cyclists and runners is a unique blend of endurance, strength, and yoga.

Simple Endurance Coaching


We all have our bucket lists of events we want to do. And we all have our target on goal times for our events. 

But how do we hit those marks and still have fun along the way?

My coaching is equal parts cheerleader, trainer, teacher, and guide.

Most of the people I support simply want to improve on yesterday.


As cyclists and runners, we are always on the move. But in order to get stronger and faster, we need to slow down.

Yoga through Simple Training can strengthen your entire body, release tight muscles and joints,  and calm your nervous system.

I teach four classes a week at Simple Training in Hales Corners.


We use strength training to help you get stronger hips and core, build mobility and balance, and develop confidence as you reshape your body.

You can find speed, endurance, and power on the bike and on the running trail through a year-long strength training. 

Lifting weights helps build strength not only for your sport but to move better through life. 

I provide individualized personal training for cyclists, runners, and others at Simple Training in Hales Corners.

What's Your Adventure?

We ride bikes, run on roads and trails, swim in lakes and pools, ski on cross-country trails. 

We are everyday athletes.

Yes, you too. 

Even if you don’t think you “qualify,” if you have goals and plans as a runner, cyclist, triathlete, or cross-country skier, you are an everyday athlete. 

So What Are Your Goals?

What adventure is on your bucket list? 

  • Riding the Stelvio in Italy? (That’s one of mine!)
  • Running parts of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin?
  • Skiing the Birkie?
  • Bikepack a long dirt trail.

What PRs and PBs do you want to break? 

  • 5k?
  • Century on the bike?
  • Sprint Triathlon?

Endurance Sport Goals Need Training

Regardless of your sport, your ability levels, your experience, or your physical condition, all endurance athletes, pros and everyday athletes alike, need the same things:

  • increase endurance capacity
  • increase joint and muscle strength to improve performance and prevent injury
  • improve mobility in all movement directions for better health


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The Finish Line Doesn’t Matter When You Focus On Process Goals

By focusing on daily process goals in training, preparation, strength, and movement, we can become a better version of ourselves when we take on big adventures.
Plus, research shows that focusing on process goals instead of the finish line improves your overall performance.

Beginning Runners May Benefit The Most From Interval Work

Beginning runners can improve their speed, overall performance, and running economy with interval training by running faster for short times.

How To Prevent And Treat Cross Back

Cyclocross racers typically have a litany of post-race ailments, including a hacking cough and “cross back.”

Using Strava to Find New Bike Adventures

Find new bike adventures with Strava by randomizing your routes into new places with roads and paths you may have never seen.

All Signs Point To “Yes” In Training For Cyclocross Season

My training for cyclocross season seems to be right on target at the halfway point. I now build strength and speed as I continue with yoga to improve mobility.

Fueling for Long Rides Means More Than Lots of Gummy Bears

Fueling for long rides means staying on top of your carbohydrates with gels, gummies, and solid food that are easy on your gut.

How To Breathe Better – And Get Faster – By Reading This Book!

Two books taught me how to breathe better, reduce serious asthma and VCD symptoms with less medication, and be able to race again!

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga for Recovery is a free Facebook live class on the Simple Endurance Coaching FB page, Monday evenings at 7:30. Join us to recover from the weekend!

Single-Leg Strength Training Helps Cyclists, Runners Go Further, Faster

If you are a cyclist or runner, single-leg strength training is one of the best ways to build hip and leg stability, strength, and durability.

Keep Your Training Simple - and Fun

What Is An Everyday Athlete?

We are “everyday athletes,” even if we’re reluctant to sometimes call ourselves that. 

For most of us, just finishing an adventure or challenging event is enough. 

Sometimes, we want to beat our previous best, but we aren’t crushed if we don’t. 

We are just people who want to run, ride, or ski ourselves into better health as well as push our personal limits a little. 

We know we need to train to accomplish these goals. 

But how much training? When? What’s the best schedule? 

What Makes Simple Endurance Coaching Different From Other Coaches?

First, I have a broad and unique collection of personal experiences,  knowledge, and research from decades of endurance sports, including cycling, running, cross-country skiing, even rowing.

These years of learning and experience help me understand what you will need to achieve your goals.

Second, I use a unique holistic approach to getting you faster and building more endurance. We blend endurance sports training together with strength training, yoga, and mental toughness work.

And as a retired middle school teacher, I’m going to make your learning fun, interesting, and fruitful. 

I take all of my experience, education, and research, and the holistic approach to support you in your goals.

Who Is Simple Endurance Coaching?

I’m Paul Warloski, and I help cyclists, runners, and other endurance athletes improve their fitness, health, and performance. 

Our work together will always focus on the process before results, keeping our training Simple – and fun. 

I create plans that combine endurance training, strength work, and yoga to help you reach your bucket list and PR goals. 

Our Plans And Programs Will Always:

  • Include lots of fun and laughter;
  • Rely on years of endurance sport, strength training, and yoga experience; 
  • Utilize a depth of knowledge from years of reading and research; 
  • Learning from missteps and mistakes by “failing forward”;
  • Individualize your training program to meet your goals and fit in your time constraints.

My Qualifications: 

  • Middle school teacher for 23 years;
  • NCCA Personal Training certification;
  • Advanced Nutrition certification;
  • USA Cycling coaching certification;
  • RRCA running coach certification
  • 200-hour RYT Yoga Teacher Certification.