Full and AI-Adaptive Coaching Plans

Personalized Endurance coaching for Everyday athletes

You can become a more resilient and durable athlete through a blend of endurance training, strength training, and yoga.

I offer full-custom coaching, coaching through Athletica, training plans, and support for cyclists and runners who want to find new adventures and train to accomplish them.

You simply want to improve on yesterday: fet faster, stronger, feel better, and improve your performance.

You want to find out your potential.

We support everyday athletes with personalized coaching that works within your busy schedule to optimize your training time.

Are you ready?

Let's talk about how we can improve your performance.

Coaching Services Athletica Plus $79/mo Athletica Coach $135/mo* Full-Custom Coaching $205/mo*
Individualized coaching and periodization for target races/ events x x x
Monthly strength training and yoga programs x x x
Athletica or Training Peaks account included x x x
Weekly free online yoga recovery sessions x x x
Regular phone calls/ online meetings/ text/ email to discuss training plans x x
Anytime updates to and rearranging of training plans due to individual schedules x x
Race/Event planning and strategy** x x
Mental skills and preparation coaching** x x
Recovery education and coaching** x x
Nutrition coaching** x x
Goal setting and progress tracking** x x
Post-race analysis** x x
Analysis of training progress through Athletica.ai or WKO5.** x x
Free eight-week trial of Athletica x x
Monthly one-hour included conversation x

* Discounts available for students

** Available to Athletica Plus athletes during one-hour monthly meetings or during an additional $60/hour consultation.

Coaching Plans For Cyclists

Get a custom cycling endurance training plan to improve your performance.

Do you want to

  • Complete century rides?
  • Race gravel?
  • Race cyclocross?
  • Race on the road?
  • Finish bucket list rides like the Stelvio climb in Italy or the Horribly Hilly tour in Wisconsin?

With Simple Endurance Coaching, you'll get personalized training plans with:

  • Endurance coaching
  • Nutrition information
  • Specific strength training
  • Yoga for cyclists
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Coaching Plans For Runners

Coach Nicole support runners who want to increase distance, improve their times, or do some challenging event.

If you want to:

  • Finish a 10k with a friend
  • Run in a charity event
  • Break 30 minutes in a 5k race
  • Improve your half-marathon times

You need a coach who understands your goals and past experience. Get an experienced opinion on when to go hard in training and when to back off.

We've been running for decades and Coach Nicole has done a lot of ultra trail runs.

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Coaching Plans For Triathletes

Coach Nicole will help you do your first or fiftieth triathlon.

If you want to try your first Sprint or improve your half-Ironman time, we’ll build a program that meets your needs.

Training for a triathlon, regardless of the distance, is a challenge.

You have to juggle the demands of training for running, cycling, and swimming.

Plus you need to continue to strength train and do yoga to build mobility and stability in your body.

Coach Nicole is an expert and highly experienced in supporting triathletes in their adventures.


Training Plans for Everyday Athletes

Pre-Made Training Plans

These Pre-Made Training Plans all include strength, yoga, and email support

We can create targeted plans for your event or you can purchase these pre-made plans.

All plans include full-email support.


Six Effective Core Strength and Stability Exercises Designed Specifically for Cyclists and Runners

Improve Your Cycling and Running Performance With a Stronger Core

Download my exclusive free training video that includes the six highly effective core strength exercises in a routine specifically designed for cyclists and runners.

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Simple Endurance Coaching supports everyday endurance athletes with holistic, personalized coaching to accomplish their adventure and bucket list goals.

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