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Be Confident In Your Training Plan With Individualized Coaching AND New AI Program

I’m excited to offer a new service for Simple Endurance Coaching. 

Artificial Intelligence has been all over the news, and AI is now part of several popular online training programs, including Trainer Road.

But you’re on your own when you sign up for Trainer Road, Systm (Sufferfest), or try out a Garmin or Zwift program. 

There’s no one to keep you accountable, motivate you, answer questions, or adjust your workouts if you’re sick, injured, or take a vacation.

What if you can get the best of both worlds? 

While AI can help with some of these things, what if you could have a coach AND an adaptive AI training plan? 

What if you could train smarter with AI while still having the personalized approach of a coach who can be a motivator, educator, or guide? 

And what if personalized coaching cost and AI training cost less than hiring a coach?

Simple Endurance Coaching + Athletica

Simple Endurance Coaching has teamed up with Athletica.ai to provide a new coaching service

Athletica provides the research-based adaptive AI training program while we at Simple Endurance Coaching provide the personalized touch of a coach. 

You'll have a dedicated coach who will guide and fine-tune your AI-optimized training program, ensuring that you’ll always be on the right track.

In other words, you get the best of both worlds. 

That’s why I’m so excited about the possibilities. 

Research supports coaching to reach goals

The research is pretty clear about the value of having a coach with a personalized training plan compared to an online plan alone.

One study compared the effectiveness of individual coaching, self-coaching, and group training in leadership development programs. 

The findings showed that individual coaching led to significant improvements in work performance, relationships, communication skills, and self-confidence.

And the kind of goal-focused communication between coach and client created purposeful and positive changes. 

A second study evaluated the effectiveness of a coaching-based leadership intervention program for physicians.

  • The results indicated that participants who received coaching demonstrated significant improvements in their leadership skills, including communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.
  • The researchers concluded that personalized coaching, combined with a structured training program, contributed to enhanced leadership capabilities.

These studies highlight the importance of personalized coaching in achieving better outcomes compared to online training plans alone.

The individualized guidance, feedback, and support provided by a coach can significantly impact performance, skill development, and overall effectiveness.

While these studies focused on leadership development, the principles and benefits of personalized coaching can be applied to sports and fitness training as well.

Plus we provide strength training and yoga plans

In addition to the AI-guided training plan provided by Athletica (which I’m personally using as well), at Simple Endurance Coaching we’ll add the full-body strength training and yoga that we’re known for. 

Plus, we provide nutritional guidance, motivation, and mental skills training that helps our everyday athletes reach their highest potential. 

We work with everyday athletes who simply want to improve their performance to the best of their abilities. 

I’ll continue to offer the full- and semi-custom coaching in addition to the new AI programming that includes personalized programs, strength training, and yoga. 

Let’s talk soon!

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Paul Warloski is a:

  • USA Cycling Level 2 Coach
  • RRCA Running Coach
  • Training Peaks Level 2 Coach
  • RYT-200 Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
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