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Core Strength and Stability Training for Everyday Cyclists and Runners

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My coach, Paul, saw something in me that I didn’t see. He insisted that I do hard things with weights. I got stronger, but more importantly I developed confidence.

I’ve done hard things all of my life – as we all have – but never thought I could do hard athletic things. Coach Paul taught me that I can.

Today I was going to try to swim 1000 yards without taking a rest. As I approached 750 yards I was wanting to quit. But it occurred to me that I can do hard athletic things. Not only did I get my 1000 yards done, but I did it at a pace I’ll need to have when I do my first 70.3 next June. This was my longest, fastest swim since my surgery. Thank you, Paul!

- Eileen W

I met Paul several years ago when he led a cyclocross clinic that I attended. His passion for teaching/coaching athletes was evident even then.

After he started his coaching/personal training business in 2019, I threw my hat in the ring to be part of his “adventure crew” in 2021 and was ecstatic to be chosen! Paul shifted our focus to handle what I could while working to build my aerobic base from basically nothing leading into the offseason.

I have been well supported and well guided in the process of starting to regain my cycling fitness, learning a lot from Paul about things like Heart Rate Variability to help me train/recover more effectively. I highly recommend Paul as a coach/guide!

- Kevin T

Simple Endurance Coaching supports everyday endurance athletes with holistic, personalized coaching to accomplish their adventure and bucket list goals.

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