Yoga For Mobility

Yoga for mobility practice can help improve breath control, strength, and core stability

I’m not a former dancer or gymnast.

Nor am I an Instagram yoga model! Clearly….

I teach yoga for mobility courses for regular people who want to get stronger, feel better, and increase mobility and stability.

Many Instagram yoga models can do twisty and bendy poses like headstands and wheel poses.

I can’t do that.

My Downward Dog isn’t a straight line from my hips to my hands.

My Triangle is awkward at best.

Age and a lot of healed broken bones make mobility a challenge.

But I keep practicing, keep moving, keep getting stronger, and keep working on my breathing.

And it’s making a difference in my performance.

Yoga for Mobility Builds Strength, Core Stability

You have a lot of options when it comes to yoga courses.

You can go online to find classes, studios are starting to open on a limited basis, including my own space, Foundation in Hales Corners.

For me, yoga has three main benefits:

  • calming the central nervous system and learn more breath control through practice with breathing
  • strengthening muscles and joints with isometric holds in poses like Warrior 2
  • increasing joint and muscle mobility to allow for greater capacity for movement, regardless of age.

Everyone Can Do Their Own Yoga

Yoga for mobility is not about how pretty you look in the pose.

Your yoga is how you are best able to get into a pose space on that day.

The triangle pose you do today will not be the same as a triangle pose in three weeks.

During class, I’ll describe what the goal of the pose is and I’ll provide modifications and use of blocks.

And then, we’ll do our best to get close to the pose.

I’ll look like most of you: doing the best I can to put my body in a position where I can continue to practice breathing while moving.

?With a focus on hips, glutes, and reducing hunched posture, this course is a great way for cyclists to make sure they are getting the most out of their on and off bike days. Paul is a knowledgeable guide as he highlights poses and flows that are beneficial for cyclists, but also places an appropriate emphasis on the breath – something we all need more of.? (Steve, 55)

You Can Get Amazing Results from Regular Yoga Practice

Yoga for mobility can: 

  • provide relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • build lateral and rotational strength and mobility
  • develop better posture
  • improve your strength, endurance, and balance
  • and improve your breathing capacity
Yoga for mobility practice can help improve breath control, strength, and core stability. Classes available at Foundation Personal Training and Yoga.

I currently teach one class at the WAC-Greenfield (Mondays at 11-11:55 am), a class with the Greenfield Parks and Rec (Wednesdays at 9 am), and two classes at my studio Foundation (Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Friday at 5:30 pm)

Let me know if you have questions!