Helping everyday athletes of all ages build strength, mobility, and core stability.


Strength Training is Like Finding Buried Treasure

You can find speed, endurance, and power on the bike and on the running trail through strength training.

A full-body strength training program can help endurance athletes build strength not only for their sport but to move better through life. 

Besides its coaching programs, Simple Endurance Coaching offers two ways to build strength, mobility, and stability:

  1. Purchase a strength training plan. We can create a monthly plan, a period plan of several months, or a custom plan for your specific needs. Send me a message or set up a Virtual Coffee to discuss details.
  2. If you are in the Milwaukee area, set up weekly appointments at my personal training studio at Simple Training.

Strength Training Helps Better Movement 

I bring a full-body approach to building strength, movement capacity, and stability. 

That means we aren’t focused on body-building but on functional strength that will help with performance and long-term health. 

I am an older guy with limited mobility from lots of broken bones from accidents. 

I understand the challenges of working with what we have and improving our movement capacity. 

So my strength training philosophy is Simple: we help people of all ages build strength, mobility, and core stability.

We use the six main human movements to guide our strength training.

The six movements are squat (hip and knee bend), hip hinge, chest push and pull, and shoulder push and pull.

We also do a lot of work with core strength and stability.


You give a great background of the exercise, the muscle we are strengthening, and the muscles around that specific exercise develop.  I appreciate your explanations, and I am also learning more as the weeks progress. For me, the exercises are “just right.”  You give good options to increase the effectiveness of the exercise with more reps or sets. Your modification suggestions also align with differing levels of strength.

Kim M.

Endurance Athletes Need Strength Training and Yoga

I’m an experienced endurance athlete, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and strength trainer.

Everyday cyclists and runners need strength training to increase strength and stability for increased performance as well as injury prevention.

We focus on a full-body routine that builds joint health and muscle fibers. 

Our goal will always be to build the kind of strength that improves your performance as an everyday athlete as well as keep you healthy.

We also include yoga for strength work.

For example, we’ll do a yoga routine where we hold a Warrior 1 for several breaths, which not only strengthens the forward leg and hip, but also opens the other hip and requires core strength to hold the pose.

Plus, we practice breath work that directly helps your endurance training by improving your breath capacity.

Strength Training for People Who Want Change

I also work with private clients at Simple Training.

I work with people who want to make a change in their lives, whether by getting stronger, losing weight, or building endurance.

I’ll help you value the process of training and goal setting, lessons that can bring joy and health for the rest of your life.

I work with young and old clients, all of whom want a better self.

We use the same six movements to build a strength training program that helps increase metabolism by building muscle.

Paul’s sessions are relaxed, enjoyable, fun/silly, educational, productive, and motivational!

Amanda B.

Still Curious About What You Can Achieve With Strength Training? 

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Strength Training for Cyclists and Runners

I am 56 years old and in decent health.  Your explanation of exercises has been a good reminder of how to align my posture to perform the exercises safely. In my opinion, you hit differing levels of understanding the “why.”

Kim M

Training Client


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