First-Time Cross Racers Finish Strong, Ready for More

The Tough Udder cyclocross race in Dousman, WI, is a no joke of a race for your first excursion into the world of cross. It’s on a farm with rough, rutted paths, steep inclines and declines, and a really muddy creek crossing.

Both Amanda and James, the two intrepid souls who took my course at the WAC-Greenfield for the past six weeks, finished their races in style and say they are now hooked on the craziness of cyclocross!

And neither finished DFL!

Amanda got off to a great start in her first cyclocross race! It was pretty tough with sand, gravel, and tight corners.
Amanda shows off her cornering skills in her first cyclocross race at the Tough Udder, part of the Wisconsin Cyclocross series.
In her first cyclocross race, Amanda shows excellent form getting off the bike before the bridge, running, then remounting and continuing to get after it!
The start at the Tough Udder was downhill, filled with gravel and sand, and a little treacherous for the first-time cyclocross racer!
Getting through the mud was a challenge for everyone. James took the bridge route, showing off his bike carrying skills.
In his first cyclocross race, James shows off his practiced cornering skills on this challenging section.

Next year, the WAC will hold a one-day clinic in August 2020, then work with class participants at races throughout the Wisconsin cyclocross season. The clinic will be open to members and non-members. Look for the dates!

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