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Overcoming the Obstacles to Change is a Challenge

1. Start Fresh - Pick a date that helps you recognize you’re starting a big effort in your life, even if it’s a Monday, the start of a new week. 2. Temptation Bundling - Pair an indulgence or something you love with something you “need” to do. You can only watch...

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Why I’m So Excited About Cyclocross This Year

1. I have a shiny new optimistic attitude, ready to race hard and have fun. 2. I’ve done a lot of training, a lot of strength work, and a lot of yoga. 3. My breathing and asthma have improved a lot, and shouldn’t be a limiter to fun this year.Cyclocross Racing Has...

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My INSCYD Testing Shows Need for Improving Cycling VO2max

I have a big aerobic engine, and I need to improve my VO2max. Strength training and sprint training will improve my VLamax. I need to do my long aerobic endurance rides at a lower power level to train my body to use fat stores as a fuel. [bctt tweet="My INSCYD tests...

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Four Steps To Build a 5k Training Plan for Beginners

1. One long-ish run a week to build aerobic capacity and endurance. 2. Two shorter days with some interval work to build speed and fitness. 3. Keep social or gym fitness classes that you enjoy. 4. Add strength training and yoga to your weekly schedule. Building a Run...

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This Epic Cycling Adventure Trip is Just the Beginning

This Epic Cycling Adventure Trip is Just the Beginning The big cycling adventure trip for Dan Kutz is now done.  With his eyes on an epic bike trip out west, he set out on a five-day bike-packing trip in the Boundary Waters in August. Just to make sure he could do...

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What Do You Need for Your Adventure?

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