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Beginning Runners May Benefit The Most From Interval Work

Do unstructured speed work for the fun of it. Start with strides and fartleks. When you do the intervals, go as hard as you can consistently for the time or distance. Only do two interval sessions per week. Doing more can set you up for injuries. [bctt tweet="Three...

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How To Prevent And Treat Cross Back

Work on loosening your hip flexors through lunges Strengthen your glutes and core Use a foam roller regularly on your hip flexors, quads, glutes, and back. Cyclocross racers typically have a litany of post-race...

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Using Strava to Find New Bike Adventures

You’ll have to play around a little with your location and settings. It’s a great tool when you are traveling to find great places to ride. Be careful of your training plan when chasing after segments! The cycling...

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Fueling for Long Rides Means More Than Lots of Gummy Bears

Research suggests that a mix of glucose and fructose sources of carbohydrates work well to get in the maximum amount of fuel.  Practice with different fuels on your training rides prior to your target event. Don’t wait to find out you can’t tolerate x brand of gels...

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Yoga for Recovery

Every Monday at 7:30 pm, I go live on the Simple Endurance Coaching Facebook page to lead a short Yoga for Recovery class. This is not a regular yoga class, though. We start with some breathing practice to help focus our attention on nose-breathing. Then we do about...

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