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Three Ways of Knowing How Hard to Go During Intervals

Talk Tests, RPE, “Fast and Fastest” I’ve been writing a lot of training plans for runners and triathletes lately.  And honestly, setting up intensities gets confusing as hell.  Intensity is how hard you go during the particular workout.  With most...

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How to Measure Progress and Keep Your Workout Plan on Track

When I was a middle school teacher, it was always critical for me to keep track of data, measure my students' progress.  How else would I know if they were actually learning what I was teaching?  It's the same for our fitness process.  If you measure your workouts,...

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Ride 200 Miles in One Day? Get Ready for RAW!

When cyclists start telling stories, it nearly always involves epic rides of a great distance. And while riders in other states take a week to cross their state, cyclists in Wisconsin have the opportunity to ride 200 miles in just one day with the Ride Across...

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HIIT Workouts Boost Fitness Better

Whenever I meet a new personal training client, one of the main ideas I want to get across is the benefits of HIIT or interval workouts.  One way to do intervals is commonly known as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). HIIT are a type of interval, but...

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New Cycling Adventure, and Whatever Comes Our Way…

Up for a Cycling Adventure This Year? Try Out the Simple Endurance Cycling Team Are you feeling like you need cycling adventures or want to join cycling team in 2021?? You won't need to face evil creatures or the Dark Lord....

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What do You Need for Your Adventure?

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