New Cycling Adventure, and Whatever Comes Our Way…

Up for a Cycling Adventure This Year? Try Out the Simple Endurance Cycling Team

Are you feeling like you need cycling adventures or want to join cycling team in 2021??

You won’t need to face evil creatures or the Dark Lord.

Just ride your bicycle.

Simple Endurance Coaching is creating a cycling team of people ready to find some adventure in 2021.

We’re looking for two men and two women who want to try a new-to-them cycling adventure event in 2021, and maybe beyond.

And by adventure, we don?t mean local crits or group rides.

A proper adventure should be something that makes you gulp a bit, but say, “whoa, that looks really cool.”

We?re looking for two men and two women who want to try some new cycling adventure event in 2021, and maybe beyond through Simple Endurance Coaching.

Start Dreaming Up Your Cycling Adventure

You can be a complete beginner on the bike or someone who has some experience.?

Pick one or more cycling adventure goals for your cycling this year. It might be the century ride you’ve always wanted to do, Gravel Worlds, a mountain bike event, or a tour of some kind.

We don?t care what your adventure is as long as you consider it something a little scary and a little daunting for you.

I’m working on a ride from Minneapolis to Milwaukee with my two nephews as an example. This is also rolling around in my brain for 2022.

This is not a competitive cycling team, although you still can compete as you wish.

The only team goal is to find bike adventures and train to finish them as best we can.?

We?re looking for two men and two women who want to try some new cycling adventure event in 2021, and maybe beyond through Simple Endurance Coaching.

No, Really, What’s In It For Me?

You get nothing free from us, except some cheers and encouragement, plus a snazzy kit and half-price coaching!

If manufacturers send freebies to us, we’ll pass them on to you.

In fact, you’ll pay to join this cycling team!

It’s not quite certain death, but there’s more than a small chance of success.

You can live anywhere in the world.

You don’t need to have much cycling experience.

In fact, you can be an absolute beginner who’s ready for a new cycling adventure.

What You’ll Get:

  • As much high-quality Simple Endurance Coaching cycling kit from Jakroo as you want to purchase at our cost (about $225 for jersey and bib).
    You’ll need to get at least one jersey and one bib or regular short.
  • Coaching through Simple Endurance for half-price ($90/month). Someday, when Simple is a huge company, I’ll give away my coaching. I can’t do that yet!
    We will provide the total package of endurance coaching, strength training, and yoga that you’d normally get for the full-price.
    We’ll work together to help you reach your cycling adventure goal.
    The good news is that you can keep this same price for as long as we work together.

What We Need From You:

At Simple Endurance Coaching, we love people who take on adventures for the sake of the adventure.

We welcome those who take on adventure as a way to grow as a person as well

The cycling team and our adventures will be primary marketing for Simple.

We’re looking to reach out to more people who are looking for cycling and running adventures.

So we want you to talk up your experience training for and achieving your target event.

Use your social media channels to share a lot of photos and stories of your adventure journey, and especially, your amazing experience with Simple Endurance Coaching!


Applications for the team are due by March 15, 2021.

Fill out the application here. Questions include

  • name, address, phone number
  • your adventure possibilities and goals
  • your past as a cyclist
  • why you want to join a rag-tag band of people who love riding their bikes in unique, awesome events.

We are easily amused and have a warped sense of humor. So humor us.

What are you waiting for??

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