Yoga Routine for Recovery – A Powerful Tool As Your Post-Workout

August 31, 2020

Yoga has so many benefits for runners and cyclists.

  1. When you use yoga for recovery, it’s a great tool for creating some movement to counter tight hip flexors, shoulders, and neck.
  2. Yoga is great for building strength and mobility. We spend a lot of time moving forward in one plane. Yoga strengthens twisting and lateral muscles and movement.
  3. Finally, practicing yoga breathing improves performance on the bike and on the trail.

Yoga for Recovery from Cycling or Running

I did a very short yoga for recovery routine for immediately after a run or ride. You can do the whole routine or break out some of the parts.

I created this in the garage studio to help cyclists and runners be able to improve mobility and recovery for the next day’s workout.

I usually always do the hip mobility work with the low lunge to half split and runner’s lunge to Dragon Fly twist since my hip flexors are what is usually tight after a ride.

Here are the poses:

  • Mountain Pose/ Back Bend/ Rag Doll
  • Low Lunge/ Half-Split
  • Runner’s Lunge/ Dragon Fly
  • Sphinx/ Baby Cobra/ Cobra
  • Bow/ Half-Frog
  • Full Pigeon
  • Supine Twist
A very short yoga for recovery routine for immediately after a run or ride  to help cyclists and runners be able to improve mobility.

Yoga for Recovery Means Active Movement

The key to doing yoga is to NOT hold the pose as a static stretch. Passive stretching – or holding a single position – has been shown by some research to be harmful to performance in running and cycling.

Instead, be more active in your movement.

For a twist pose, lengthen your spine or relax slightly on the inhale and on the exhale, twist a little deeper.

With other poses, relax the position a little on the inhale, and move a little more deeply into the pose on the exhale.

For example, when you’re in the Low Lunge pose with your hands on your knees, rise up a bit on the inhale and push forward a little on the exhale. Come up on the inhale, and push back into the half-split on the exhale.

Do this very slowly and purposefully.

Foundation Yoga Provides Individual and Group Yoga Sessions

I conduct online classes for individuals and small groups, plus do classes outdoors until the snow flies.

Hopefully, we’ll be doing classes in a studio soon!

Want to find out more, find out where I’m teaching next? Contact me, and I’ll get back to you soon!

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