Yoga for Recovery

September 29, 2021

Yoga For Recovery Helps Set You Up For The Week's Training

Every Monday at 7:30 pm, I go live on the Simple Endurance Coaching Facebook page to lead a short Yoga for Recovery class.

This is not a regular yoga class, though.

We start with some breathing practice to help focus our attention on nose-breathing.

Then we do about three different yoga poses to help open our hips and shoulders after a weekend of training and/or racing.

The whole class lasts about 15 minutes, and the poses are something you can do throughout the week to help recovery and keep you mobile.

Yoga is an important way I keep my nearly-60-year-old body moving and relatively strong.

I am not a former dancer; I cannot get into pretzley yoga poses.

I teach yoga for people like me who struggle with flexibility and mobility.

Come join us!

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