Yoga for Endurance Athletes is a six-week course that targets the issues and challenges faced by cyclists, runners, and cross-country skiers of all ages and experience levels. 



I liked the bike specific poses and learning several new poses I had not done before. This class has made me more mindful while I am out biking and falling into bad form habits. Definitely a necessary practice for my overall fitness/strength plan. (Male, 41-50)



The Classes Meet My Needs as an Older Endurance Athlete



I created the course as I was doing these specific yoga routines to deal with my own physical challenges, particularly a tight lower back. 



I knew yoga provided a way to realign my body, make me stronger, and improve my focus. 



So I created the course to help runners and cyclists move better, feel stronger, and build a stronger core.



The Yoga for Endurance Athletes course will: 



  • provide relief for back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • build lateral and rotational strength and mobility
  • develop better posture
  • improve your strength, endurance, and balance
  • and improve your breathing capacity



(provided you do the twice-a-week practices!)



With a focus on hips, glutes, and reducing hunched posture, this course is a great way for cyclists to make sure they are getting the most out of their on and off bike days. Paul is a knowledgeable guide as he highlights poses and flows that are beneficial for cyclists, but also places an appropriate emphasis on the breath – something we all need more of. (Male, Under 40)



Yoga for “Regular” Cyclists and Runners



I’m not a former dancer or 25-year-old muscle head.



Nor am I an Instagram model! 






So these are courses for regular people who ride, run, or ski and want to get stronger, feel better, and increase mobility and stability.



My Downward Dog isn’t a straight line from my hips to my hands; my Triangle is awkward at best. 



But I keep practicing, keep moving, keep getting stronger, and keep working on my breathing.



And it’s making a difference in my performance.



Two Classes Per Week



Each week, you?ll receive two yoga sessions:



1. A 35 to 45-minute strength and mobility focused class that focuses on breathing, dynamic movement, and core/ hip strength through holding poses for several breaths.



The strength and mobility class will focus on building core and hip strength by holding poses like Warriors for several breaths. We will also focus on holding twists like Triangles to build rotational strength. Finally, we will also work on building core strength through poses that require front and back stability.



Each week, you’ll get a different practice that gradually increases in challenging poses. We always start with breath practice, learning to draw breath in through our noses and into our bellies.



Through deep, focused breathing and full isometric activation of large muscle groups, you will build a foundation of strength, stability, and mobility that will make you faster, stronger, and more injury-resistant. 



This class is good for year-long strength training.



2. A 10 to 20-minute recovery class that focuses on opening your front body, stretching your hips and side body, and opening your shoulders and neck. 



The recovery class will focus on upper body openers, like Cobra, hip openers like Pigeon and Lunges, and twists to gently open your spine to create more mobility and aid recovery. 



This class can be done several times a week.



“Having poses specific to cycling is a huge advantage over “regular” yoga classes I have experienced in “big box” exercise facilities.”



What You Get in Yoga for Endurance Athletes



The six-week course (with 12 classes) is $94. For this, you will get:



  • Six strength and mobility yoga classes
  • Six recovery yoga classes
  • Videos that you can keep and use as long as you’d like
  • List of all the poses and sequences
  • A bonus class to work on yoga breathing techniques that you can use on the bike, especially during hard efforts like climbing a hill or doing intervals.
  • A Facebook community where you can ask questions and make comments.



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