Yoga Classes For Everyday Athletes

Tuesdays 6 am; Thursdays 6 pm

Everyday athletes, like cyclists, swimmers, and runners, have unique mobility and strength needs. 

We usually move in only one plane (forward) and so we need to build strength, mobility, and balance not only to support our training but to keep us healthy and resilient. 

Doing a regular yoga class helps to open your joints and strengthen the muscles supporting them. 

The strength work is primarily isometric as we hold poses for slightly longer than usual. 

How Do I Find the Classes and What Happens If I Can’t Make the Video Time?

We’ll hold classes Tuesday morning at 6 am and Thursday evening at 6 pm (CST). 

Each of the classes will be recorded and available to rent for three days from the on-demand library. 

Each class will be $9

You can also purchase a monthly membership for the price of four classes (36/month) and take as many extra classes as you’d like during the month. 

Try a class for free using the code EVERYDAYYOGA

All the classes will be available on-demand as well in case you can’t make the class time. 

Why Choose Simple Endurance Coaching For Yoga? 

I am a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. 

I became an instructor when I was 55 because I didn’t see many older male yoga teachers, especially teachers with creaky joints and tight hips. 

I am also an avid cyclist, mixing up riding my commuter, road bike, cyclocross/gravel bike, and a fat bike. 

I run often as well, preferring to get out on trails.

So I understand the kind of movement we need to do not only to improve performance but to stay healthy, mobile, and durable. 

Breath Work is Critical

We focus a lot on our breathing during class. 

We work on breathing through into our nose, into our belly, then back out through our nose. 

We also work on moving with our breathing.

That means, for example, in a Warrior 2 pose, we’ll inhale and straighten the front leg a little. 

On the exhale, we’ll deepen the knee bend a little. 

What Will We Do in the Classes?

We will generally do a flow-kind of class, with a different focus each week. 

We warm up by focusing on our breath, moving into some easy movement poses to practice moving with our breathing.

Next, we’ll work on the specific poses of the week. We might work on Warriors or Triangles.

The class lasts around 30 minutes. 

The variety of poses will strengthen joints, create some gentle rotation of the spine, and challenge your belly breathing.

Recovery Yoga for Everyday Athletes

Mondays 7:30 pm. Facebook Live. Simple Endurance Coaching

Everyday athletes need recovery time after a long weekend of training and/or racing.

During periods of intense training, the last thing we should do is add training stress with a hot yoga class, especially on a rest day.

However, Recovery Yoga on Mondays offers everyday athletes a chance to speed recovery by calming their parasympathetic nervous system.

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