Get Full Body Functional Strength Training with TRX Suspension Straps

The TRX bands, invented by a Navy Seal to provide a great workout with a simple strap, gives you a full-body exercise program that builds functional strength, mobility, excellent core stability.

The TRX straps, or as my daughter calls them: the T-Rex bands, will definitely help you get strong!

You use either your hands or feet in the strap handles, and then suspend your body in the air.

What I love about a TRX full-body workout is regardless of what you’re working, you get a great core workout as well as you have to stabilize your body.

The more horizontal your body, the more difficult the work.

When you are leaning with the TRX, you need to keep your body straight like a board.

I taught middle school students for 23 years, so I still have a juvenile sense of humor.

I tell clients that when I worked with adolescents at ropes courses and we were doing trust falls, I reminded them to keep their bodies straight.

To illustrate how they should feel, I tell them to imagine their crush, the person they’ve liked since kindergarten, is standing right next to them.

But the kid really, really needs to fart.

That butt clench needed to hold in the fart is how you should hold your body. 

Here are six TRX full body workouts that build overall strength and core fitness.

1. The TRX Push-up

In the aspect of TRX full body training,

Stand with the handles in front of you and the straps over your shoulders. Start with your arms stretched in front of you. Lean forward as if you were doing a wall pushup. Keep the straps on your arms as you lean. Move your feet backward to create more difficulty. 

Make the push-up even more difficult by putting your feet in the handles, face the floor and rise into a plank. Do push-ups in this position. 

You can also make this a chest fly by widening the spacing of the handles. 

body pushup
(Muscle and Fitness)

2. TRX Row

Start with the straps at your armpits. Lean back so your arms are straight. Pull yourself back up. 

To make the Row more difficult, move your feet forward and make your body more horizontal.

You can also do the row one-handed, keeping your torso straight to create anti-rotation stress. 

TRX full body - low row

3. Reverse Curtsies

These are powerful moves to build mobility in your hips and knees, as well as building strength in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

I particularly use these with older clients who have more limited mobility in their hips and knees and not be able to perform TRX full body practices. 

Start with the straps at your arm pits.

Step forward with one foot and lift it in the air.

With the same foot, bring it backward and behind the foot on the floor.

Then do a reverse squat as close to 90 degrees as possible. 

full body curtsies

4. TRX Plank

Planks with the TRX full body straps are a bit awkward to get into, but the results are amazing.

You have to support your body on your elbows or hands with your feet unstable in the TRX straps! 

This is a pretty advanced move, though, so take some care setting it up.

Get your feet in the straps. I usually have to sit facing the straps, get my feet in them, then roll over.

I’d recommend having a mat on which to rest your knees and hands/elbows. 

You can hold this plank, do a pike (where you lift your hips in the air), do mountain climbers (bring your knees to your elbows one at a time) or do the variations shown in this video.

5. One-Leg Squat or Modified Pistol Squat

The idea of this move is to create stress primarily for your glutes as your quads and hamstrings support. 

Start with the straps at your armpits and lean back with your arms bent at the elbow. Sit back on one leg as you straighten your arms, and raise the opposite leg forward. 

One issue with pistol squats in a TRX full-body workout is dropping your butt to the ground.

This is really hard on your knee joint.

Instead, just come down to a 90-degree angle.

Doing modified pistols like this is also great preparation for doing them without any aid. 

TRX full body modified pistol squat
(Men?s Health)

6. Power Pull

This is a deceptively difficult exercise especially as your body gets more horizontal. 

Hold onto one handle or strap and face the strap.

With your feet staying mostly in place, rotate your torso and reach to the ground with your other arm.

Then, pull back up and touch the strap at the buckle.

The TRX (or T-Rex) is a great tool for full-body functional and mobility training.

It’s a solid option for a non-heavy lift day, or a fourth day in a week.

There are also a ton of resources on the web to show you how to do different exercises.

What questions do you have? Contact me to do a TRX workout with me!

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