Training Plans for Everyday Athletes

I create training plans for everyday endurance athletes that are designed as a road map for success in your target event. 

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A training plan might be just the ticket for you.

Training Plans Blend Endurance, Strength, and Yoga

When you purchase a plan from us, you’ll get a plan that includes endurance training, strength training, and yoga to get you fast, strong, mobile, and stable.

Physical strength and mobility are critical for all athletes in their performance as well as preventing injuries.

So we add yoga and strength training workouts every week, throughout the program.

Cycling, Running, Tri, And… 

Every training plan we create at Simple Endurance Coaching has:

  • Yoga sessions for both strength and recovery
  • Strength training either at home or in the gym, with or without weights
  • Interval sessions, usually twice a week
  • One long endurance workout

Plans for Cyclists, Runners, and Triathletes

You have two ways to get a plan from me.

One, we develop a plan specifically for you and your event. 

We can develop a specific event training plan that we reserve the right to use with other clients as well. Prices depend on the length of training time and sport.

Contact me for details.

Second, you can purchase ready-made training plans at Training Peaks.

Available plans:

  • Ride 200+ in One Day with Yoga, Strength Training, and Targeted Cycling Workouts ($74)
  • Eight-Week Sprint/ Olympic Tri with Yoga, Strength, and Targeted Workouts ($58)
  • Eight Week 5K With Strength and Yoga Work ($48)
  • 10-Week 10k with Strength and Yoga Work ($58)

Coming soon:

  • Milwaukee Marathon plan
  • Bike a Century
  • Bike Touring
  • 60-100 Mile Gravel Race/Ride

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