Effective Tips to Do Strength Training for Endurance Sports

An athlete needs strength training for endurance sports to build and maintain muscle, build strength, and develop a strong core to stabilize movement.

This is a quick workout focusing on major muscle groups.

strength training for endurance sports
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1. Strength Training for Endurance Sports: Squats

This is one of the basics of all strength training for endurance athletes.

Push your butt back as you slowly sit. Weight should be on your heels. Think of your toes as T-Rex claws keeping you in place. You should be able to wiggle your toes. Go down in three seconds, hold for two second, go up in one second. The goal is to get your upper thigh parallel to the ground.

Hold the weight with both hands next to your chest. Add weight as you get stronger.

Keep your core tensed on the descent, breathe out on the up.

2. Single Arm Shoulder Press

We do this shoulder press, often adding a push with the knees, because it not only builds so much strength in the shoulder joint, but it requires you to keep your core tight and activated.

Stand with core stable and spine straight. I often ask clients to swing the weight up to their shoulders with some momentum.

Hold weight with elbow at 90 degrees to the side of your body. Keep glutes and core tight.

Press weight straight up with arm extended to the side.

Rotate elbow to front of body and drop your hand down. No doubt, these are the most effective tips in the aspect of strength training for endurance sports

3. Single Leg Deadlift

Keep core stable. Keep shoulders level. Use weights on one or the other or both hands.

Hinge at your hips, bringing one leg behind you and tip forward, keeping your base leg straight, but not locked out. Try to keep your hips and shoulders level.

Lower back leg and stand straight with belly tensed and breath in.

4. Strength Training for Endurance Sports: Single-Arm Chest Press

Lie back on bench holding single dumbbell at your chest. Extend your arm so your elbow is at roughly a 90 degree angle. Push the dumbbell up by extending your arm.

What’s great about this work is that your core has to stabilize you so you don’t fall off the bench!

5. Bulgarian Split Squat

Stand a few feet in front of a bench. You’ll have to experiment with the distance. Send one foot back to place on the bench. Some people like a curled toe, others like a flat foot on the bench.

Drop back knee slowly. Maintain strong core. Your front leg glutes and hamstrings should do all the work. Keep your knee over your ankle. All you have to need it for strength training for endurance sports

6. Single Arm Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

Hold the dumbbell in one hand. Hinge at the hips and bend over, letting the weight straight down. Inhale, pull the weight up to your rib cage and exhale, lowering the weight back down so your arm is fully extended.

Keep your shoulder joint engaged, keeping it tight when the arm is extended.

Core Work

Even though you’ve done a lot of work with these exercises to work your core muscles by requiring them to stabilize your body, doing some additional core-specific work is necessary. Here’s some advice on core work.

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