In-Person Yoga Classes

Yoga in the Milwaukee Area for Every Body and Age

I teach yoga classes in the Milwaukee area at Simple Training at 5438 S. 108th St, Hales Corners, Wisconsin.

We  offer classes designed specifically to help mobility, joint strength, and core stability for cyclists and runners.

Yoga beginners are welcome and encouraged. 

I offer modifications to all poses to make sure everyone can get in a pose that works.

At Simple Training , we do yoga that is accessible, simple, and purposeful.

Non-cyclists and runners are also welcome any time. 

Simple Training offers in-person yoga classes in the Milwaukee area, designed specifically to help mobility, joint strength, and core stability.

Yoga Classes in the Milwaukee Area

Recovery Yoga. Monday at 7 pm.

This class is targeted for runners and cyclists after a long weekend of training and/or racing.

During periods of intense training, the last thing we should do is add training stress with a hot yoga class, especially on a rest day. Recovery Yoga. Monday at 7 pm.

However, Recovery Yoga on Mondays at Simple Training offers runners and cyclists a chance to speed recovery by calming your central nervous system. 

Slow Yoga Flow. Wednesdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 9 am.

This class that focuses on breath work, building strength through holding poses a little longer than usual, and joint movement to build mobility.

The classes help beginners and those who have practiced some yoga to build strength, mobility, and core stability.

For cyclists and runners, this class keeps the training stress low while building joint and muscular strength.

We also focus heavily on learning to breathe properly and fully.

TGI Yoga.  Fridays at 5:30

This is a Yin Yoga “End-of-the-Week” class that lasts about 30 minutes. We focus on breathing as we move slowly to release tension.

We focus on more Yin poses, where we hold positions for a little longer than normal.

This is another calming, slow-moving yoga class in the Milwaukee area.

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The suggested price is $15 per class. Teachers pay only $10. (I taught middle school for 23 years, so I get it!)

However, in this pandemic time, many of us deal with some financial challenges.

So you can pay what you can for the yoga classes for beginners and others in the Milwaukee area.

However, if you can’t afford anything and still want to do some yoga, sign up anyway.

And pay for someone else’s class when you’re flush again.

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