Simple Endurance Coaching will support you every step of the way through encouragement, challenge, and acceptance.

So we need to be the right fit for each other.

I am not a former pro turned coach, a ripped, six-pack-showing no-shirt gym trainer, or a pretzely former dancer teaching yoga.

However, I am a former teacher, life-long cyclist and runner, and certified yoga instructor.

And I have years of research, certifications, and a lifetime of learning to fail better to clients who want to improve their strength, mobility, and endurance.

Here are seven reasons to choose Simple Endurance Coaching and Simple Training:

1. Experience Through Trial and Error

I’m that typical older age-grouper: Flashes of brilliance and success during a typically middle-of-the-pack 35-year “career.”

I’ve done running races, cross-country ski races, and raced all kinds of bicycles. I’ve won some, stood on a bunch of podiums.

And I’ve been that athlete who has tried all the different training and racing strategies, tried and broke a lot of bikes, shoes, and equipment, used all the different supplements and nutritional cures all while thinking it was the magic tool.

But what works?

Lots of slow miles, some really hard interval work, strength training, yoga, protein, and recovery.

One reason to choose a coach is experience, not just at success, but with learning from failure.

2. A Lifetime of Learning

There’s so much to learn.

I hired my own coaches, read research and books and articles, talked with experts, got licensed as a cycling coach, personal trainer, strength coach, and yoga instructor.

I know enough now to know I don’t know everything.

But I’ve learned a lot about what works most of the time, for most people.

3. Strength Training Gets You Faster

One of the biggest tools an endurance athlete often leaves on the table is strength training.

And by strength training, I mean lifting heavy things.

We were told back in the day that endurance athletes should lift weights only in the off-season.

And women should only lift little weights for a lot of reps.

I am a certified personal trainer with an emphasis on strength for endurance athletes.

I consider strength training a critical part of a weekly training plan for everyone.

4. Always a Teacher

As a middle school teacher, my goal was always to first create a fun environment where kids felt safe and secure enough to take risks in their work.

We had to build a relationship, we had to set goals and decide the best way to get to a common outcome.

Plus we had to be goofy and have fun along the way.

Coaching is the same.

I’ve coached middle school girls and boys basketball, high school girls basketball, even middle school intramural soccer (I know very little about soccer).

An important reason to choose a coach is how the coach views the pursuit of goals and the failure of not always reaching them.

And we’ll have fun along the way. We’ll laugh as we work the process.

As a teacher and coach, I want you to first feel safe and comfortable, then know why we’re doing what we’re doing.

I want to see you grow confident while you get stronger.

5. Nutrition Fuels Your Success

We ride/ run/ ski for different reasons, and for some of us, weight loss or weight control is part of the process.

Finding the energy to complete our workouts requires proper fueling.

The basics of sound nutrition aren’t difficult, the personal application is more challenging.

I don’t advocate diets or the latest weight-loss fads.

I am certified in sports nutrition, although I’m not a nutritionist.

That means I know enough to know that I don’t know everything.

We focus on timing our fueling, we focus on eating good food and supplementing when needed.

6. Yoga Means More Mobility, Speed, and Endurance

Your reasons to choose a coach for running or cycling, a personal trainer, and/or a yoga instructor hinge on how you feel. Simple supports you every step.

Yoga practice and mobility exercises keep you limber and strong..

As a certified yoga instructor, I help you build strength and mobility as well as create more control through breathwork.

And I’m not a 25-year-old former dancer. I’m an older guy, with arthritis from many broken bones.

I don’t move very gracefully.

And I don’t expect you to.

I only want you to move how you can, using whatever modifications you need, in order to build strength and breath control.

Among the reasons to choose us is that, when I do yoga, I look like you.

I do the best I can today.

7. Final Reason to Choose a Coach: Mental Grit and Goals

I’ve always worried about training in order to get results in racing because I always felt that somehow good results validated me as a person.

That meant, though, that I wasn’t always having a lot of fun.

So I’ve done a lot of work with therapy, mental toughness, setting “fun” goals, and learning to just roll with whatever comes.

Those are skills that directly transfer to my non-training life.

As reasons to choose a coach, mental training is often overlooked.

My Training Philosophy is Simple

I use the best available science and research-based methods to work hard, improve, get stronger, and have more fun.

And the research pretty clearly points to a holistic approach with endurance sport training: lots of long, easy distance; some really hard intervals; more strength training than you think; yoga for recovery/ rest/ mental fitness/ mobility.

So the principles of effective, research-based training for endurance sports are pretty simple: Go easy, go hard, lift heavy things, do yoga, and rest.

This is Simple training.

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