Full-Custom Training Plan

$289.00 / month

A full custom training plan for cyclists and runners of endurance, functional strength training, and movement through yoga.


Full-Custom Training Plan  

I’ll create a full custom and comprehensive plan of endurance training, functional strength training, movement through yoga, mental toughness training, and nutritional advice.

The plan will target your adventure, racing, or season-long goals. 

The Comprehensive Training Plan includes

  • initial testing through INSCYD, one follow-up test,
  • the Pro plan for Training Peaks,
  • a daily training program with specific workouts for each week,
  • frequent communication via Training Peaks, text, in-person, video, and/or email.

You’ll see your performance numbers, your fun factor, and your understanding of your own training increase and improve. 

The Comprehensive Training Plan is $289 a month. When you sign up, there’s a three-month commitment for your training.  

Training Plans for Simple Endurance Sports

We use a “holistic” approach for Simple endurance sports coaching that includes endurance training, functional strength training, and mobility through yoga.

We focus on the value of the process of training, on training to find your challenge, and on having fun along the way.

Through a blend of cycling and/or running training, strength training, and yoga, we create customized programs to make you stronger, more mobile, and more confident regardless of your results.

Our goal is to help you use a cycling or running training plan as part of the challenge. We want you to tap into your own inner resources to become a better you.


What Do You Need for Your Adventure?

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