Yes, it’s 2021, so we’re not really sure what’s going to actually happen.

But I’m dreaming of gravel and adventures and great rides.

I’m looking for adventure, and whatever comes my way! (Name that tune…)

I'm dreaming of gravel and adventure rides and great events. Here's the list I'm compiling of events I'm planning to do. Let's meet up!
Illinois Gravel near DeKalb

Here’s the list of events that look like great adventures.

The ones with stars are ones I’m planning on.

Let’s meet up!

Running Events

Golden Kettle Trail Series

Trail Running in Wisconsin

Badgerland Striders calendar

Cycling Events

Team Cyclocross Clinic (by invitation only. Contact me for details.)

Wisconsin Cyclocross Series

Oct. 2 IL cyclocross championship, Beardstown, IL*

Oct. 8 Trek Cup, Waterloo

Oct. 16 Red Granite, Wausau, WI*

Oct. 30-31 Major Taylor, Indianapolis*

Chicago Cyclocross Cup

Let’s Talk!

Contact me to ask questions and talk about making your endurance training more  effective.


What Do You Need for Your Adventure?

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