Lose Weight and Get Stronger Through Strength Training, Better Fueling

Get Remarkable Results With Your 2021 Health Goals for Lose Weight and Get Stronger

I’ve had several inquiries lately about how best to lose weight and get stronger.

I will always argue that the answer is the opposite of that question: Get stronger and you will lose weight.

Get stronger with heavy weights, do interval work, and you will see your best results.

So I’m not directly targeting endurance athletes with this article!

Many people, though, have goals to lose weight, be fitter, and live healthier.

Lose weight and get stronger by lifting weights, doing more exercise, and eating better!

Intead of weight loss goals, make small changes in your life. You can lose weight and get stronger by lifting weights, exercising more, and eating better.

There’s a Lot That Goes Into Living Healthier

We’ll start with the obvious: If your only goal is weight loss, there is a simple magic formula!

Exercise more + eat less + eat “better” = better health and weight loss.

Exercising more simply means getting into a regular, consistent habit.

Three days a week seems to be the magic number as a minimum.

Your exercise can include simple walking, jogging, cycling, etc, and strength training.

And as for your fueling (notice I don’t say “diet”), the key is to eat less sugar, more protein, fewer carbohydrates, and fewer overall calories.

So again, to lose weight and get stronger, improve your fueling and exercise more.

Don’t Complicate Your Nutrition

There are a lot of weight loss companies promising results with certain diets and meals!

From counting calories to counting macros to meal planning, you can spend a lot of time thinking about food.

And I’m happy to get into the weeds with clients about their eating habits. I am not a nutritionist, but I do have a certification and lots of experience.

Essentially, we focus on focusing meals on the protein and eating smaller portions throughout the day within a roughly 12-hour period in the day.

If you can mostly eliminate processed sugars and processed food from your meals, you are well on your way to a healthier diet!

Lose weight and get stronger simply by improving the fuel you give your body!

Do Your Exercise At Home With Just Bodyweight!

You don’t need any equipment to get a solid full-body workout.

Some bands and kettlebells or dumbbells are nice, but not needed.


I created this workout to focus on the six main movements: Squat, Hip Hinge, Chest Push and Pull, Shoulder Push and Pull.

And you can do this workout anywhere. If you can’t tell, this is my garage studio!

Lose Weight and Get Stronger Through Strength Training and HIIT Programs

Many of us aren’t going back to the gym quite yet. And some just don’t know what to do once they get there.

I’m happy to help you create a program of strength training and intervals to get fit.

Let’s talk about your goals, your past experience, and your current exercise program!

Contact me about starting a training program at Simple Training in Hales Corners, WI.

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