Win Free Training Tools to Celebrate Website Relaunch

We completely redesigned the Simple Endurance Coaching website in order to best support you as a cyclist and/or runner. Enter our raffle until August 6 to win free training tools.

Let's Celebrate the Simple Website Relaunch With Free Training Tools

Let’s celebrate the redesign and relaunching of the Simple Endurance Coaching website with a raffle for free training tools. 

The raffle ends on August 6. 

Our goal is to subscribe 1,000 new people to read our endurance training blog. 

Join the discussion and learn how recent research continually upends what we know about training for cycling and running. 

Let’s Get to 1,000 Subscribers

I believe so strongly in the endurance training content we’re creating on the blog that I want to share it as widely as possible. 

To build my subscriber list, and to celebrate the newly redesigned site, I’m offering free training tools in a raffle that ends August 6.

I want to reach 1,000 people every time I post a new article on the blog. 

Sign up. Share the posts. Win stuff. 

You’ll get the regular blog posts that will help you train for better health and fitness. 

You can unsubscribe anytime you’d like if the blog posts aren’t meeting your needs. 

But I’d rather you stay subscribed and tell me about your challenges in the comments!

Subscribe and Be Entered to Win Free Training Tools

Our drawing will take place on August 6, 2021 to win one of the following:

  • A 20-week cyclocross season training plan ($49 value)
  • A 12-class video yoga course for endurance athletes ($94 value)
  • A six-class video course for bodyweight strength training for endurance athletes ($49 value)
  • a $50 gift card from Starbucks (pre-ride or pre-workout fuel!)
  • a free 60-minute personal training session at Simple Training ($60 value)
  • one month of coaching from Simple Endurance Coaching ($185 value)

Details About Drawing

Anyone who signed up for the blog on the website by August 6, 2021, will be entered for the free training tools. 

We’ll need a minimum of 250 subscribers to hold the drawing. 

So the drawing date might be postponed. 

But don’t let it! Share this with everyone! 

Take a Look Around the Simple Website

Pretty much everything looks different

The fonts, colors, organization, page layout, contact information.

All different, updated. 

The only things that remained the same are the same great blog content and my focus on Simple. 

Same Great Blog Content

I ask cyclists and runners what they need, what they want to learn about. 

I use those topics, do the research, use my own experience, and filter everything through the Simplicity filter, and give readers specific and actionable steps to better health and fitness. 

I write about the importance of strength training, specific workouts for lifting at home, bike workouts, menopause, weight gain, and many other topics. 

We tackle issues like functional threshold testing, HRV, training intensities.

We’re learning a lot about how our bodies work, and we’re learning that Simplicity is the key.

All of the free training tools help you develop the strength, resiliency, and endurance you need for success. 

Why Did Everything Change?

That’s a good question!

I started Simple Endurance Coaching two years ago. 

We built a little momentum, then COVID. 

Instead of moping around, though, I used the time to really consider what I wanted to do. 

More importantly, I thought about the people I wanted to support with my experience, research, and understanding. 

I want to support people who are looking for adventure, people who may want to race, but don’t want to race with the goal of winning. 

If they win, great. 

But the goal is to seek out challenges, have fun, and learn a little in the process. 

What Does This Have to Do With the Website

It’s really about Simplicity. 

Part of my challenge is that I want to help any person pursue any adventure.

There was simply too much going on the website. 

So we simplified. 

The Coaching section of the site supports those who want to pursue running and cycling goals. 

The Strength Training section details how I use weight lifting to support cyclists and runners, as well as personal training clients. 

Finally, the Yoga drop-down explains how I use yoga to help athletes develop stability and mobility, as well as the local classes I’m teaching. 

Simple Endurance Coaching and Simple Training

Both are Simple. 

Simple Training is the personal training and yoga business. 

I work with clients at my Hales Corners studio, teach yoga there, and teach classes in the community. 

The new website has links to sign up for personal training and yoga classes. 

Sign up for the blog and be entered to win one of six free training tools. 

Simple Endurance Coaching is the coaching business for runners and cyclists who are looking for a coach with a different philosophy of success and challenge.

You can contact me by email, phone, or just set up a Virtual Coffee (or a real one if you’re in the Milwaukee area) to talk about your adventure dreams. 

Let’s Talk

Contact me to ask questions and talk more about making your endurance training effective.


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