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In Person in Bay View, Wisconsin

Boot Camps to build strength, fitness, and mobility

I teach Boot Camp classes with Wild Workouts and Wellness in Bay View.

Boot Camps for cyclists and runners give you the perfect workout: efficient, effective, and economical. 

We combine strength training, mobility, and high-intensity movement to strengthen your whole body.

And with a stronger body, you’ll be ready to do more running and cycling training!

Our Boot Camps are for everyone, regardless of experience, fitness, or size. You work at your own level to build fitness at your own pace.

Are you ready?

Lets talk about how we can improve your performance.


Boot Camp Classes with Coach Paul

Boot Camps at Wild Worksouts and Wellness

Mondays: 5:45AM + 8:00AM CDT Wednesdays: 5:45 + 8:00 AM  Thursdays: 5:30 PM                              Fridays: 5:45 AM + 8:00 AM 

Boot Camps at Wild Workouts and Wellness are efficient, economical, and fun.
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