What Are You Stressing About?

Let’s share our thinking about endurance training during coronavirus

We’re all feeling a little stressed – maybe a lot stressed – in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are worried about the same things everyone else – health, the economy, what this world might look like when we get back to “normal.”

But as athletes, we also worry about our racing and our endurance training during coronavirus.

I’m bummed that I’ve missed road trips to gravel races this spring and riding with friends.

And I have no idea when we’ll be able to resume group rides and running and cycling racing again.

What are you thinking about?

I’m curious what you’re thinking about and what you’re worried about.

I had been spending a lot of time at the gym using kettlebells to get a stronger posterior chain (back, butt, hamstrings). It’s been tough to find a replacement for kettlebells at home!

Please take this survey. I’ll share the results next week!

Maybe we can pool our resources to get us all in a better place as runners and cyclists.

Thank you, take care of yourself, be safer at home.

If you know your challenges, you can work on meeting them!

As athletes, what are you worried about?

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