Try Our Cyclocross Clinic: the Most Fun You Can Have on Two Wheels

Learn how to ride cyclocross: the most fun you can have on two wheels with our cross clinic

Cyclocross is the Most Fun You Can Have on Two Wheels!

Here are three reasons to try cyclocross with our one-day clinic:

1. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you tell them what you did.

2. You’ll learn some amazing bike riding skills.

3. You’ll hang out with really fun people who like to ride bikes.

Cyclocross is the most fun you can have on two wheels. 

No, really. 

Maybe because it’s just dumb: Grown people riding perfectly nice bicycles on grass, through sand, and maybe, if you’re lucky, mud, and then picking up the perfectly nice bicycle as you run over a random barrier. 

And maybe because it’s so dumb that it becomes ridiculously fun. 

Cyclocross is a form of bike racing where we ride the perfectly nice bicycle in a park or grassy area and do laps along a taped-off, 10-foot wide path. 

Kind of like if Nascar rode bikes, but on a Formula 1 twisty turny track, and then on grass, through sand and mud, up and down hills, around trees and other obstacles. 

Come Try it At Our Cyclocross Clinic

On Saturday, August 28, just two weeks before the start of the Wisconsin cyclocross season, I’m hosting a cyclocross clinic at the Wisconsin Athletic Club in Greenfield, 5020 S. 110th St., Greenfield, WI

We’ll start at 9 am and the cost is $30 for WAC members and $35 for non-members. 

Call the club to register at 414.427.6500. 

What Happens at a Cyclocross Clinic???

Great question!

First of all, we’ll learn how to smoothly (well, sort of smoothly) get on and off our bikes. You need that skill before and after the barriers and hills that you can’t ride up.

Second, we’ll learn how to better go around corners. Race organizers always manage to find ways to set up tricky corners that are on the side of a hill or awkward angles. 

Finally, we’ll talk about what happens in a race, practice the start of a race, and do some fun laps. 

We will focus on the particular skills you’ll need at the first Wisconsin race at Kosciusko Park in Milwaukee called “Cross-Shooshko.” 

What Do I Need For The Clinic? 

You need a bike.

You’ll need a bike that has knobby tires so you don’t slide around the corners.

Hybrids, mountain bikes, gravel or cyclocross bike, or a road bike with disc brakes all allow for knobby tires. 

Email me with questions about your bike at

You’ll also need a helmet, lots of water, and maybe a snack, especially for after the clinic is done! There’s also a Sendiks and some restaurants/ gas stations next to the WAC for food/ drink afterward. 

What Does Cyclocross Look like? 

Here are some links to cyclocross race videos so you can see what the pros do, and, most importantly, see what the courses can look like.

This is Cyclocross (but apparently, it’s just the men… The women’s pro racing has been much more exciting!)

Women’s World Championship Highlights

Two Important Things to Know About Cyclocross 

1. It’s safe, as far as bike racing goes. 

At most, if you fall, you land on soft ground. 

It’s common to slip on grass and/or the mud.

Usually, you’re going slowly enough so that you’ll catch yourself before you fall. 

2. You ride against yourself. 

You’ll start in a big group, but usually you’ll ride with another person or in a small group. 

Typically, you do two or three laps in a beginners race, so you’ll see people cheering for you all around the course. 

But if there’s someone who’s really good in your race, it doesn’t matter. 

You’ll race for about 30 minutes, whether you get lapped or you’re winning.

What Are Your Questions?

At its core, cyclocross is the kind of riding we did as kids. 

So keep it simple. Find a bike, ride it, have fun, celebrate your personal win when you’re done. 

What questions do you have? 

Email me at

I’ll get back to you with pithy, insightful, and sometimes useful answers. 

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