Cycling Clothing: An Exclusive Kit for Simple Endurance Coaching!

May 13, 2020

We’ve created custom cycling clothing for Simple Endurance Coaching.

Jakroo has been designing the clothing and will produce it for us.

We have an informal cycling adventure team, plus we’re making the cycling clothing available for anyone at our cost.

Here are the costs for the bicycling clothing:

  • Nova Jersey 116 (2-5 items) 94 (6+ items)
  • Peloton Pro Bibs $128 (2-5 items) 104 (6+ items)
  • Epic Pro Wind Vest $132 (2-5 items) 107 (6+ items)
  • Sidewinder softshell jacket (thermal, windproof)$180 (2-5 items) 146 (6+ items)
  • Holeshot CX Skinsuit 224 (2-5 items) 182 (6+ items)

Send me an email if you’re interested! paulw at simpleendurancecoaching dot co m

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