Online Workout Plan: How to Stay Motivated to Do Online Exercises

July 30, 2020

Get Accountability and Motivation With Simple Training Online Workout Plan

Let’s face it: Unless you’ve been going back to a gym, your at-home workouts have not been good.

Even if you use an expensive or free online workout plan, it’s a challenge to keep going.

Since the pandemic caused the shutdown in March, people have told me they have not been able to stick with their workouts.

The biggest culprits in not sticking to a typical online workout plan: lack of motivation and lack of accountability.

Nearly everyone I talk with at the gym, nearly every cyclist I talk with online, says the same thing:

“I just can’t get motivated with nothing to train for.” Or “As soon as I start, the couch calls my name and I just sit down.”

Sound familiar?

Simple Training: Semi-Custom Online Workout Plan

Most online workout plans simple send you a new workout every so often.

So no one but you knows if you did the workout – or not.

Three things matter to people looking for an online exercise plan:

  1. A positive relationship with a trainer
  2. Knowing you’ve got some skin in the game to keep you motivated
  3. Knowing that your trainer is going to be watching.

If you trust your trainer or online workout plan, if you’ve paid some money as an investment in yourself, and if you know someone is going to ask when you skip a workout, you are far more likely to complete your training.

I created Foundation Strength as a tool for people to use to work out either at home or in the gym using a simple app, bi-weekly strength training workout, plus specifically tailored additional workouts, all for just $34/month.

I keep the costs down for you, so you can invest less-expensively in yourself!

Hundreds of Online Workout Plan Options

If you go online to find workouts, you get nearly 7.5 million hits.

Most online workout plans require that you are self-motivated and knowledgeable about what works for overall fitness.

And many are expensive!

That’s because they’re targeted for everyone – not you.

Plus, if you’re working out in the living room, it’s just way too easy to see your couch, take a rest, and then, 30 minutes later, wake up from a nap!

You know by now whether you’re the kind of person who needs someone to keep them accountable.

How Do I Know What to Do?

Even if you’re able to get back to the gym, it’s tough to know what to do.

How should I put together exercises for the maximum benefit to my body?

Maybe I should just roll down the aisle of machines?

One of the best ways to get the most out of a fitness-oriented online workout plan is through the six main movements: chest push/pull; shoulder push/pull; hip hinge; and squat. We add core work to round out the workout.

Simple Training Provides a Custom Online Plan

The first thing we do when you sign up for 6plusONE is talk.

We chat by email, phone, or online chat to figure out what your goals and challenges are.

We also talk about whether you’re using a gym, if you have exercise equipment at home, or if you’re simply doing bodyweight exercises.

Then I combine a mix of Foundation Strength workouts, HIIT, cardio, yoga, or other work and add workouts to a weekly schedule.

We can change and adapt the workouts as needed.

Each of the exercises has a detailed description as well as photos or videos to explain what to do.

Why Our Online Workout Plan?

I wear a lot of fitness training hats: yoga instructor, personal trainer, strength trainer, endurance sport (cycling, running, and nordic skiing) coach, and certified nutrition advisor.

I don’t put all of my proverbial eggs in one basket.

Fitness and good health come from a combination of cardio, strength training, yoga or mobility work, and recovery.

Through Foundation Strength, I use all the tools available to help you meet your fitness goals.

Want to Try Simple Training? Have Questions?

Want to try the online program for a week? I’ll give you a few days of workouts, then you can talk with me about how they’re going. Then we’ll change things around to meet your needs for the rest of the week.

Do you have more questions about how it works?

Contact me! Let’s talk.

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